He was born without 80% of his brain and everyone thought he would die. See what it looks like 2 years later
He was born without 80% of his brain and everyone thought he would die. See what it looks like 2 years later

Abortion is better, the child can not live” were the words that doctors told Brandon and Britanny Buell, at 23 weeks of pregnancy, how can a mother say goodbye to her baby after having been charged almost 6 months ? A future primeriza, who only dreams of the day of feeling your child in arms, as the months passed the emotion was stronger, so these parents would not be the murderer of his son …

Britanny wanted to get out of there, that doctor was not brave enough, not to bring his son. The ultrasound showed a malformation in the brain, which would prevent him from having a normal life, the fact of bringing him to the world would be a challenge, starting with childbirth. Despite the prognosis and complications, this woman was brave, even risking her life.
The day arrived, August 27, 2014, in Orlando, Florida, with a time of 40 weeks, Britanny and her husband were ready to receive little Jaxon. In the operating room everything was ready for the cesarean, the mother was afraid, but her desire to know that heart that for so long beat in her belly were stronger. The nurse gave her the epidural anesthesia, felt the liquid rise all over her back, it was incredible the way her legs trembled, the moment of bedtime arrived, that blue surgical sheet was ready and the operation began.

Unfortunately the little one had the umbilical cord entangled in the neck, he was suffocating due to lack of oxygen, they took longer than usual, but they managed to get it out, the newborn only had 20% of his brain, the doctors feared that he would die right away, but they could take it home.
The diagnosis was Hydranencephaly, it is due to an infection during pregnancy, which causes malformations, the brain is not completely formed and only has mass that does not fulfill any function. There are few children who arrive more than a month.

However, Jaxon Buell, now two years old, day by day is a battle, he frequently attends with more than 8 specialists, to corroborate that everything is fine, his mother helps him to perform therapeutic exercises.

Despite all the effort, doctors say that at the least expected time, Jaxon will give a last breath, but that’s not it? No one has insured tomorrow and this baby has shown his desire to survive, to see him smile is the breath of his parents, who do not regret having taken the decision to have it and instead of worrying about the future, enjoy the now.
Without a doubt a great lesson.