So Luce Selena Gomez after her transplant operation
So Luce Selena Gomez after her transplant operation

There is No doubt that the beautiful Selena Gomez has become a model to follow for millions of young people around the world. Remember that early this year revealed that she was sick with Lupus, so she set aside her career to devote to 100% in her health. And the truth that came back better than ever.

” I had it all and it was completely broken inside. I kept my composure so as not to disappoint them. “But I got so far that I disappointed myself,” he admitted during a recent awards ceremony.

A few months ago he returned to the middle of the show and very much in love with his current boyfriend, the singer the Weeknd, but still suffering some problems with his health. Fortunately she always showed a positive attitude and a lot of strength to get ahead.

However, nothing can be compared to what has just lived a few days ago, because through his account of Instagram demonstrated the enormous gratitude to the young France Raisa, who donated a kidney to save his life.

“I am fully aware that my followers have wondered why I am not giving promotion to my new album, which I am extremely proud of.” What happens is that I realized I needed a kidney transplant because of the Lupus I suffer and I was recovering from the operation. It was what I needed to improve my health. I’m anxious to share with you very soon. But until that moment comes I take to thank my family, the incredible team of doctors for everything he has done for me in my recovery from surgery. And finally, there are no words to describe how I can thank my beautiful friend France Raisa. She has given me the greatest gift and made a great sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. I’m actually being
Blessed. I love you so much, sister. Lupus remains a disease that leaves many doubts but today we have progressed. If you want to know more about this disease please visit the Lupus Research Alliance on your site

In the same publication, Selena invited her millions of followers to know more about this terrible disease and the importance of reaching out to the one who needs it most.