Video the most inflated of history. Unfortunately not died
Video the most inflated of history. Unfortunately not died



For many, this is one of the most terrible traditions in the world, because it usually cost the lives of innocent bulls who are intimidated and provoked in this violent spectacle. Yes, we’re talking about bullfighting.
It is not the first time that a bullfighter comes out terribly injured by a herd, there have even been others who have lost their lives in the process.

However, the Conada you will see below will be truly creepy …

The wounded was the experienced and brave bullfighter Sergio Flores, better known as “the Matador.”
The incident happened a few days ago during the celebrations of the National Fair Potosi.

The monumental bullring called Fermín Rivera, was full. Sergio Flores pretended to make a triumphant entrance, hincándose in front of the exit door of the bull to mock him from the beginning, demonstrating his superiority and his incredible bravery.
Unfortunately, the imposing bull ran at full speed, hitting the bullfighter burying one of his horns in one of the Young’s armpits.
The impact caused Sergio very serious injuries, because he had to be hospitalized urgently, entering the hospital in a very critical state.

Then we will show you the video from different perspectives. We warn you, the images you will see below are very strong. We recommend discretion: