Yet Another Child is rushed to the Hospital after Suffering a Seizure Due to Excessive Gadget Use
Yet Another Child is rushed to the Hospital after Suffering a Seizure Due to Excessive Gadget Use


Parents use gadgets to keep their children preoccupied, no matter how young. These children do not understand what they are seeing and using, but it keeps them busy anyway. However, the disturbing part is that they cannot comprehend the dangers of using these gadgets, especially at their very tender age.
A girl shared a horrifying experience on social media to warn other parents about the dangers of excessive gadget use. Aside from hurting the eyes and causing text-neck syndrome—excessive use can also cause focal seizures.
The netizen slept beside her sister who was about to fall into a deep slumber. She then noticed that her sister stretched for a while and was shaking. The netizen said that her sister usually shakes a bit while stretching, making her think it was normal. However, her sister was shaking and trembling way too much and it went on longer than usual.
It was until her younger sister asked for ‘help’ that she realized something wrong. Apparently, she was suffering from a seizure and immediately needed help. They immediately brought her to the hospital, where doctors told the family that the young girl was suffering from a focal seizure.
That was when the netizen recalled a post by another netizen warning others about the dangers of excessive use after her own daughter suffered a seizure.
‘Electronic Heroin’ is very dangerous, as internet is everywhere. Technology is everywhere. It is NOT something illegal, and every person, regardless of age, can use it. It is up to the adults to control their children’s gadget use.
Keep those gadgets away from them. Children should learn to enjoy life. Playing outdoor games with other children, exploring the real world we live in, and learning how to communicate with others personally—these are all necessary in molding a child’s life.